Hao jiu bujian !

"Long time no see! "

Last week-end there was no internet connexion available here in Suzhou... apparently due to the effect of the solar eclipse... hm weird! lol
And then, well, miraculously we had a few days of "sunshine"so I was busy going out and about, enjoying the days! I found beautiful places around where I live :)
I'll post pictures as soon as I'll be able to upload them...

Anyway I just got back from Xi'an (famous for it's Terra Cotta Army)!!! The Shaanxi area is also known for its food! :) Unfortunately I don't know the name of the best thing I tasted... I'll post a picture later, maybe one of you knows :)

I love going places and realizing I can have "conversations" with people! I have a crazy taxi story to tell you about but that will be for another day! I actually argued in Chinese with a Chinese person.. and got what I wanted! Loved it!

I've been in China more than 50 days already and I can't believe how fast it's gone by!
All is going well!


  1. Love to hear your stories.

  2. Thank you for your stories and photos they are beautiful