Terracotta Warriors

Check out the details on this statue !
Each statue is unique !

It's quite amazing to think that 2200 years ago, hundreds and hundreds of people worked for over 36 years carving these soldiers to guard the tomb of Emperor Qin.

Today about 1000 warriors have been uncovered while many more still remain burried underground... but as they are made of terracotta, concerns about their "survival" arise as exposure to air will most likely turn them into dust in the years to come...

I don't know if this was a real archeology site or a set up scene for tourist... the women kept sweeping the wood board, over and over...


  1. Keep posting all your fabulous postings
    I love them all

  2. Your photos are beautiful. I was so enchanted with the ones from "On top of the World"...wished I could have seen it myself. And I've always wanted to see the terra cotta warriors. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful adventure with everyone!

  3. When my husband was in China a year ago, he was lucky enough to be at the site when the farmer who discovered them was there signing books. He's a very old man.


  4. I've loved the terra cotta warriors for years. I started collecting them from museum shops a while back and a couple of years ago, a friend returned from China and she brought me a horse. I may never actually see them, but I can enjoy them, nevertheless.