Xin Nian Hao !

Hello! Happy New Year !
I'm back from the South where I celebrated the Chinese New Year.
Welcome into the year of the rabbit!

Since I arrived in China a few yeaks ago, people have been preparing for the Spring festival. Red banners are taped aroung doorways. Lanterns dangle from trees. Firecrackers are for sell on everyblock. Students and seasonal workers travel back to their families.

As we walked around towns, everyone was getting ready to celebrate.

Food was for sell all over.
Fat fluffy chickens were waiting ... ignorantly!

Families gathered as they played cards and prepared meals.

Firecrackers went off all over. Almost sounded like a war zone with bombs dropping! It was funny how only the foreigners would be surprised and would jump or scream... the local people didn't react to the loud "BOOMMMS", not even the little kids!

The Guangxi area is simply breathtaking! I don't think pictures or words can do it justice.
The views were mysterious and inspiring.
It felt like another world where time stood still.