Lantern Festival & Delicious Food !

Thursday night was the Lantern Festival, two weeks after the Chinese New Year...

After school we went downtown to see what is was all about.

Lanterns, food, fireworks, food, people, food, lanterns, food, people, people, people, food...

There were old people, babies, teenagers, kids, couples, families...all kinds of people, everywhere! There was a lot of pushing, bumping, squeezing by, trying not to get lost...

It was fun! Good thing I'm tall though...

And the food.... was delicious !
Now that I'm not afraid of tasting weird looking things.. it's kinda fun :)

These are steamed buns, or Baozi.. the hard part is ordering vegetarian ones!

Fried rice cakes..

Yummy something... The man said it was fish but it sure didn't taste like fish!

Unidentified shapes of something else..

There were brochettes all over!

Oh! This is the "stinky fruit".. It smells awful! I've been smelling it since I got to China without knowing what it was... well I found out the other night!
It actually tastes good though!

Caramelized fruit...

Roasting chestnuts...

And so much moooore :)


  1. I've only seen whole stinky fruit before, interesting to see the innards. Would the Baozi be like what the Chinese restaurants call hum bows here in the States?

  2. Is that durian? or jackfruit?

    Oh and those baozi look like the xiao lung bao that I love! did they have soup inside?

  3. The name of this stinky fruit is "durian". We have the same in the Philippines. :-) Did you know that if you broke dumplings before eating them it brings bad luck? That's what I've been told in
    Take care.

  4. Fabulous indeed.
    Much love

  5. wonderful pictures! LOVE all this food!

  6. Feast for the eyes! That was a good picture too of are certainly an adventurous eater. THank you for the tour of the celebrations.

  7. Such festive fun food! Love all the photos. And wonder what everything is. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I live in Australia and we "stinky fruit" in our supermarkets too. They are called Durian like someone already mentioned. I have never tried them. I don't like the idea of eating anything that smells that bad!

  9. Yes Durian! that's the name! I tasted it before knowing it was the stinky fruit.. it was sweet!

    Baozi come in different shapes and sizes! Yes they do have some with soup but I've only tried the vegetarian kind! I'm not sure what they are called in the US though.. I had never heard of them before!

  10. You are brave. I can't eat anything I can't identify. I'm too afraid of eating something really strange.


  11. Its jackfruit, not Durian!! Not as stinky as Durian.