Another day in Suzhou SIP

Local shops are finally opening up again! After being here a month and feeling like Suzhou SIP was a gost town, I actually saw people on the streets today ! All kinds of small places to eat are now available :) I can't wait to try them all!
This first place I went to today made some kind of rice sandwich. It looked like a big sushi without the seaweed rape or a burrito without the tortilla nor the beans...

Sticky rice filled with dried tofu, some kind of vegetable and spices...

On my way home after school I stopped to grab a few things to snack on:
- kiwi milk (quite good actually)
- hard crunchy twists of something I can't describe! I can't even say if it was sweat or salty.. I think it was both!
- dried fruit (looked like pineapple but tasted like something else!)

I'm starting to really like all these different chinese foods and flavors. Once you get over the unfamiliar packaging and unusual tastes, there are many good things available! :)

No, this is not some kind of accident... The delivery guy just stopped his car in the middle of the intersection, emptied out all the packages from the back seats onto the street, answered a phone call and carried on as if this werethe most normal thing to do...

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